Marijuana & Synthetic Marijuana Possession Charges

While marijuana laws have been overhauled and reformed in some other U.S. states, Florida has remained a harsh place to be charged with any drug offense. Simply pleading guilty or facing a drug charge without a skilled defense lawyer is a major risk many people later regret.

If you have been arrested with a significant amount of marijuana or accused of running a grow house, your need for a dedicated criminal defense lawyer is clear and urgent. It is far less widely known how serious the consequences can be after an arrest for possession of a small amount of marijuana. We urge you to contact us for clear guidance on what you are up against and options you may have for protecting your record and future.

Will You Go To Jail? How Seriously Will A Drug Conviction Damage Your Future?

By the letter of the law, you can receive up to a year in jail for possessing less than 20 grams of marijuana. You can receive up to five years in prison for possessing a greater amount. In addition, you are subject to a two-year driver’s license suspension. Perhaps most importantly, any drug conviction on your record can be devastating to your job prospects.

You can turn to Orlando marijuana possession defense attorney Lisa Figueroa for focused counsel and advocacy, including:

  • Reliable information on marijuana or synthetic drug penalties for the specific charge against you — as well as insight into how you are likely to be sentenced based on your prior record and other factors
  • Thorough investigation into whether your constitutional rights were violated through an unlawful search and seizure or other wrongful police action
  • Guidance on substance abuse treatment and counseling resources if you want help and hope to show the court that you are taking positive steps to avoid any future offense
  • Determined negotiation with prosecutors or aggressive, well-prepared defense at trial

Do You Need A Kissimmee Synthetic Marijuana Possession Attorney? Are You Facing Pot Or Other Drug Possession Charges In Central Florida?

Attorney Lisa Figueroa’s experience crosses the spectrum from drug possession to drug trafficking cases. We represent many UCF and other college students, Florida tourists, wage earners and licensed professionals. For a free initial consultation focused on your case and your most important concerns, call 407-999-7658 or send us an email now.