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September 2016 Archives

Key Largo man arrested and accused of cocaine and heroin crimes

A man from Key Largo has been arrested by police on drug crimes allegations. The arrest followed a joint federal, state and county sting operation. Police had been investigating the defendant's involvement in local heroin and cocaine dealings for some time.

Defending against marijuana crimes in Florida

Marijuana regulation is changing around the United States. Some states allow individuals to grow marijuana at home for their personal use, and some states allow the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. However, the most important fact to note in the discussion, especially when it comes to marijuana and Florida, is that it's still illegal in our state no matter if it's grown, bought or sold.

Obama has granted clemency to unprecedented numbers of inmates

President Obama gave a reason to celebrate to 111 inmates who have been held in federal prisons due to nonviolent drug-related convictions. Obama has argued that the prisoners he granted clemency to received overly strict punishments. According to counsel for the White House, the commutations are a reflection of Obama's commitment to making full use of his power to grant clemency in order to give a second chance to people who deserve it.

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