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February 2016 Archives

Accusations of marital rape need to be taken seriously

Domestic violence takes many forms, and one of them is rape. Even within a marriage or intimate relationship, rape is illegal throughout the country. If a spouse or partner does not consent to sexual acts or is unable to consent because of alcohol, drug or any other type of impairment, those acts are illegal.

Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman assault charges unfounded

In domestic violence incidents, it can be hard to take the initial charges as fact when emotions are over the top. Anger sometimes incites a person to make accusations when they are unwarranted. Unfortunately, even unwarranted accusations can ruin someone's reputation, or worse, land them behind bars for an unspecified amount of time. Trying to take back charges once they have been made is not always an option. Even when the accuser wants to have the charges dropped, the alleged violator can still be prosecuted by the State.

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