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July 2015 Archives

Identify theft and tax fraud charges may require a strong defense

Federal charges, such as credit card fraud, identity theft and tax fraud are not something one should take lightly. These types of crimes are usually investigated at the federal level before charges are even filed. This means that the investigation was probably very thorough, and the prosecution is more than likely going to have a great deal of evidence for their case against you.

Effects of marijuana charges in Florida

Marijuana, although, one of the more docile street drugs, is still illegal in the state of Florida. While some states have already legalized the use of marijuana, Florida has stuck to their guns. Even the use of marijuana -- or "cannabis" as it is described in the statutes -- for medical use did not pass in the 2015 legislative session. Synthetic marijuana is also illegal in the state of Florida, and in many ways, appears to be more dangerous than the use of authentic marijuana.

Domestic violence: Can you drop charges?

In domestic violence cases, people often call the law in the heat of the moment. Sometimes, it is even a third party that calls the law. Depending on the incident, if someone has been assaulted, the officers will usually ask the victim if they want to press charges. Many times in anger, or for their own safety at the moment, they will say "yes." Sometimes, charges are also pressed by an officer if the perpetrator is being uncooperative or hostile.

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