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Prison is No Joke, Prosecutors Just Throw Numbers Around...

Nothing saddens me more than the fact that a procsecutor or judge can throw out numbers; prison sentences like nothing. 10 years. 25 years. It's only 3 years... This is someone's father, son, mother, daughter, brother, sister, a person, a human being, a person that once was a child with hopes, dreams and aspirations. One who now was destined to a place that is wrought with issues of systemic inhumanity, rascim and savage cruelty, not only between inmates but between those in charge of that very system.

These are not just numbers. These are days of someone's life. A person with value, talents and potential that many times goes untapped and buried in those very cells, both literally and figuratively. I pray that people open their eyes to the loss of lives, hopes and dreams that are being destroyed by taking this type of approach. The goal of incarceration can't simply be punishment aimed at being a deterrent because the broad range of challenges met by those released from these prisons at many times starts as a self-fulfilling prophecy or cycle. Many get out, but others don't. People make mistakes. Sometimes horrible mistakes. But as the saying goes, "There but for the grace of God (Go I)." We cannot and should not judge. There are times when punishment is appropriate; the punishment should fit not only the crime but the circumstances surrounding both the crime as well as the background of the one accused of the crime. There is no perfect answer or solution to this epidemic, yet the fact remains it is not just a number.

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