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Father-son dispute leads to domestic battery charges in Volusia County

When police arrive on the scene of a domestic dispute, it is very likely that someone is going to jail, even if a domestic violence allegation is never proven in court. Charges of domestic violence arise out of a wide variety of situations, and sometimes multiple parties end up facing charges in connection with the same incident. The parties may even reconcile before the case makes its way through the legal system.

These issues may come up after a recent domestic dispute between former professional wrestler Kevin Nash, who performed under the name "Diesel," and his 18-year-old son. Authorities in Volusia County reportedly went to the family's home three times after midnight on Dec. 25, and Nash and his son were both arrested and charged with domestic battery.

According to statements Nash made to the Orlando Sentinel, a physical altercation occurred between himself and his son after the son came home intoxicated. An uncle who was at the home also told police that there was physical contact between the son and his mother.

Nash said that his intention was not to hurt his son, and that the men did not exchange blows. Nash did say, however, that he restrained his son because the teen had gotten "out of control."

When a private domestic issue becomes a criminal matter, the accused should seek early intervention by a criminal defense attorney with experience in handling domestic violence cases. With a comprehensive defense strategy, it may be possible to convince prosecutors that pursuing a conviction is not the best solution for anyone involved. In many cases, the parties involved in the dispute have learned a lesson and would like nothing more than to make peace and move on with their lives.

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