Defending You Against False Allegations

When facing false allegations, it may feel as though everyone already assumes that you are guilty. However, regardless of what you experience outside of the courtroom, you have a legal presumption of innocence until proven guilty. The state of Florida or the federal government bears the burden of proof.

Given your innocence, it is essential that you retain an experienced criminal defense attorney from The Figueroa Law Firm, P.A., who is willing to fight for you in trial. Do not settle on a lawyer who believes that you are guilty or who gives up hope on your case by pushing you to accept a plea deal. You need an advocate who understands how the result of your case can change the course of your life.

Is A Plea Deal In Your Interests?

If you make a plea bargain, you would agree to confess to the crime in question to receive penalties that are less harsh than those you might receive if found guilty. For clients who acknowledge that they made a mistake, a plea deal can help them minimize the impact of this on their life.

However, if you are innocent and the state would not be able to prove your guilt through a trial, you would not receive a conviction or any of its penalties anyway. For this reason, plea deals could give you penalties you wouldn't otherwise face — and eliminate your chance to set the record straight.

Our trial attorneys strive to defend you fully so that you do not feel pressure to admit guilt for a crime you did not commit. Although your case may be challenging, we will fight to refute the prosecution's evidence and work to reveal the truth.

We Can Begin Preparing Your Defense Today

Despite the criminal accusations that you face, we are ready to uphold your rights. If the allegations against you are not true, our duty is to do everything within our power to avoid a wrongful conviction. Call us at 407-217-1836 or explain the charges against you through our online contact form. Our Orlando criminal defense lawyers can advocate for your innocence.