Our Criminal Defense Practice

Any time a criminal charge involves illegal possession or use of a weapon, the consequences of conviction are too serious to simply accept without consulting an experienced defense lawyer. Florida gun possession laws and criminal statutes are strict and complex. While nearly all weapons crimes can bring jail or prison time, protecting your freedom may be only one very critical concern.

If you are accused of using a weapon to commit a crime or unlawfully carrying a gun, your constitutional rights and future prospects are clearly on the line. At The Figueroa Law Firm, P.A., you can count on receiving straight talk about likely consequences and vigorous trial defense or negotiation to help you avoid a conviction that could be devastating.

Skillful Defense Against Florida Weapons Offenses

An active, highly regarded criminal defender since 2003, attorney Lisa Figueroa stands prepared to analyze your alleged weapons offense from every angle. She is committed to understanding your side of the story and presenting viable legal options for dealing with state or federal charges such as:

  • Assault or battery with a deadly weapon
  • Gun possession by a convicted felon
  • Possession of an illegal firearm or stolen firearm
  • Robbery, carjacking or another major felony offense involving a gun or other weapon
  • Carrying a concealed weapon without proper legal authorization

At The Figueroa Law Firm, P.A., you will receive personal attention from Orlando attorneys with extensive trial experience and a strong track record of achieving favorable outcomes through plea negotiations.

Defending You Against All Other Types Of Criminal Charges

Ms. Figueroa her legal team are committed to building the best possible case for you by challenging evidence, presenting relevant facts about your personal history and taking other key steps. She is experienced with a wide array of felony and misdemeanor charges, including:

We also assist clients whose assets have been seized by law enforcement and who are interested in sealing their records.

Do You Need A Kissimmee Area Gun Charges Attorney? Arrested For A Violent Crime Or Weapons Violation In Central Florida?

We recognize that you may have acted in self-defense, exercised "stand your ground" rights or made a serious mistake you now regret. There is no substitute for an attorney who will hear you out and look at every factor in your case objectively. If you are innocent or your rights were violated in the course of your arrest, no plea bargain is acceptable. The consequences of a weapons conviction are too far-reaching.

For a free consultation with a defense lawyer committed to delivering results-focused representation to people from all backgrounds and circumstances, contact The Figueroa Law Firm, P.A. now.